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Hello Sunday Morning

An Australian based non for profit organisation dedicated in helping people who want to change their relationship with alcohol
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Hello Sunday morning was having an issue connecting with users on their website.

They needed to know more about their users. We dug deeper and asked questions: Who are our users? (new and existing) What are their motivations, pains and gains? What is currently resonating with them on the HSM website? Are we providing the right resources for our users?


User interviews

Affinity Mapping

Competitor Analysis


Journey Mapping




2.5 weeks





Google Analytics


Project Partner

Jesse Bailey

UX Researcher

We worked alongside Hello Sunday Morning to understand their user base in order to improve their website.

After 2 weeks of research and prototyping, we delivered a series of concepts that are currently being developed on the Hello Sunday Morning website.


Providing information to the right people

Hello Sunday Morning wanted to understand who their users are and how they currently interact with their website. Also to find out what is their purpose for visiting the site so they can better tailor the information they are providing to them.

The website had too much information

After conducting User interviews and Usability tests on the Hello Sunday Morning Website. It became apparent that users had difficulty understanding and finding the services that is being offered. 

"There's too much to read!"

"I find the blogs really helped me get through my journey"

Home page.png

"Oh wow I didn't know there was more information"

"I started reading but half way through I lost interest"

Who are the users?

Based on the data we collected through google analytics, the general user base of Hello Sunday Morning were predominantly Females. 

A large percentage of users were also aged from 25-34 years old. It then slowly trickles down into the later ages.

Age Gender.png

The blogs are the centre of attention

Data shows that blogs and personal experiences shared by others mean a lot to users. Similarly shared by the existing users we interviewed, many said what really helped was reading blogs to connect.

An issue sprouted after finding out the bounce rates were incredibly high for the blogs pages. Although they gained lots of attraction, we needed to find a way to keep the users engaged.


Key Insights

Blogs are a valued source of information for many users

There was too much

information on the 

home page

The main users are females and are spread between ages 25-64

Bounce rates on the pages are above 85%

Join us on the journey to change 

Through all the research gathered, we narrowed down the users group to 3 main personas. Click to enlarge.

Timothy C Persona.jpg
Persona 6.jpg
Brandy O Persona.jpg

The steps to be taken


1. Awareness 

Realising there is help and resources available


2. Consider

Self assessment before reaching out


3. Decide

Taking the step to change and seek help


4. Maintain

Stay committed to the cause

Journey of changing

Covering each users behaviour throughout the four stages pinpointed exactly where challenges and questions may arise. This shows the commitment and improvements required for a positive outcome.

Journey MAP Split.png

Key highlights


1. Shortened Home page

By shortening the home page, it prevents the user from getting distracted


3. Providing the right resources

The HSM brand and mission is well established, the resources available are useful to the users.


2. Identified the users

Through our personas, we were able to identify their targeted users and how they engage with HSM


4. Blogs are what users are after

The effectiveness of blogs is immense. By providing similar articles to read straight away will increase traffic and use of the website.

Check out the current prototype



The work undertaken confirmed and answered number of assumptions that we and the client had about Hello Sunday Morning. 
The results show that the information provided was correct, and the most important source of information to the users was blogs. Users found it extremely helpful to be able to read and reasonate with others around them to encourage and motivate them through their journey. 

By presenting "New Articles" and "Similar Articles" to them at the end of their read will keep them engaged on the website. 

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